PnetCDF 1.9.0 Release Notes

Release Date: December 19, 2017

New features

New optimization

New Limitations

New constants

New APIs

API syntax changes

Semantics updates

New error code precedence

Updated error strings

New error code

New PnetCDF hint

New run-time environment variables

New build recipe

New/updated utility program

Other updates:

Bug fixes

New example programs

New programs for I/O benchmarks

New test program

Conformity with NetCDF library

Conflict with NetCDF library

Issues related to MPI library vendors:

Issues related to Darshan library:

During compile/link time:

      In function `__wrap_ncmpi_create': darshan-pnetcdf.c:62: undefined
      reference to `ncmpi_create'

During run time:

      WARNING: Darshan ncmpi_create() stub called; this is probably the result
      of a link-time problem.


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