PnetCDF 1.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: July 8 2014

New features

1) It takes effect only on Little Endian machines.
2) It only affects put/iput data APIs, but not attribute APIs.
3) The INTENT of buffer arguments in all Fortran 90 put/iput APIs will be declared as "IN". Without this setting, the default is "INOUT".
4) It has an impact on performance, as an extra internal temporary buffer will be allocated to copy data over from user's put buffer, so byte swap can be run on the temporary buffer.

The default setting is to enable in-place byte swap. PnetCDF tries not to allocate additional memory space, due to performance concern. Users are discouraged to use Fortran PARAMETER buffers in put APIs.

New APIs

Syntax changes:

New PnetCDF hint:

New error codes:

New run-time environment variables

New example programs:

New programs for I/O benchmarks:

New test programs:

make ptest TEST_MPIRUN="aprun -n NP" TEST_OUTDIR=/scratch

Note the keyword "NP" will be replaced by the different numbers of processes used to run the tests. The testing uses up to 8 MPI processes.

make check TEST_SEQRUN="aprun -n 1" TEST_OUTDIR=/scratch

For non-cross compile environment, there is no need to set the environment variables, as long as one can run the MPI executable without mpirun or mpiexec.

New optimization:

New utility program:

Other updates:

Bugs fixed:

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